Hey there, thanks for stopping by my website.

My name’s Boomer and I have been a detectorist for a little over 20 years now. I’m passionate about what I do and I pride myself on sharing the best information my knowledge allows.


While the technology behind the most accurate units has become smarter over the years, I’ve always brought the same passion to detecting that I had as an teenage, finding his way (with the help of his Dad) through the hobby and adventure, as well as the thrill of the search (one of the best parts).

Some people hunt for fun, others for buried treasure and untold riches. For me, I like to think it’s a mixture of both. I’m an avid treasure, trinket and antique jewelry seeker, but I’m also very passionate about having the right ethics, investing in the right equipment, and also helping other detectors.

When it comes to metal detecting, there are a handful of misconceptions and ideas that I’ll be answering and taking care of here on my site. You’re definitely welcome to send in your questions as well. I’ve also built up a lot of knowledge by going to trade shows, subscribing to metal detecting magazines, and being in the trenches so to speak for years.


I’ve also researched, used, and have purchased many different detectors over the years, as the biggest brands and companies have come out with different technology to make detecting easier and less cumbersome. I’ll be explaining both the research and science behind these devices, about the technology itself, as well as individual products, including reviews.

Once again, I appreciate you being here, so I can share my knowledge with you.

Happy detecting,

– Boomer

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